Timber Frame Conservatory Roofs

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A timber replacement roof is normally required when your existing roof has a low pitch or incapable of taking the additional weight. A new timber roof is made completely bespoke to both your conservatory and house, If your conservatory or house wall runs out 30mm which is most cases it does, so will your new bespoke timber roof ensuring it fits your home perfectly.

With a timber roof we are able to significantly increase the pitch thus increasing the internal height giving you a sense of space. In some cases providing you have no restrictions above we are able to change the design from a double hipped roof with a back box gutter to a roof design that compliments the house and takes water away from the property rather than back to it.
If you are thinking of having a full timber replacement roof take a look below to see our step by step installation process.

Timber Replacement Installation Step by Step

A Timber Replacement Roof is normally required when your existing roof has a low pitch and is incapable of taking the additional weight

step2 timber 1Step 1 – A survey of your existing conservatory is carried out and the suitable roof replacement is determined.

This picture illlustrates a common edwardian style polycarbonate conservatory roof which has a poor build quality and very low pitch given its wide span. Result a new timber roof construction is required to increase its strength, pitch and thermal performance.

step2 timber 2Step 2 – The conservatory roof is carefully removed leaving only the windows, doors and and brickwork in place. A new timber ring beam is fitted alongside the existing windows to support the new roof structure. The pitch of the toof is significantly increased to provide additional strength and durability as well as providing a better internal space.
IMG 3917 1Step 3 – A new timber roof structure is completely made bespoke onsite to your conservatories exact dimensions (same roof structure as you main roof on you house) built using traditional roofing methods.
IMG 3930 scaledStep 4 – Once the timber roof structure is built, OSB is installed and secured to each rafter then all joints are taped and sealed.
IMG 3950 scaledStep 5 – The roof is then covered with a water resistant roof membrane, new upvc maintenance free fascia, soffit and gutters are installed with eaves protection to ensure any water ingress is collected by the gutters. This completes the first day of installation. Your conservatory no mater the size will be left water tight and weather resistant at the end of day one.
IMG 3933 scaledStep 6 – Tanalised roofing batton is added to the external part of the roof which provides a secure fixing point for your chosen Tapco slate tile.
Step 7 Ventilation 1 1 scaled e1677879036463Step 7 – It is very important that no matter which roof system you choose that all roofs are ventilated to allow your roof to breath. We achieve this by installing over head fascia vents to provide this ventilation, these are installed on top of the fascia underneath the tiles so they are not seen.
Step 8 Insulation 1 scaledStep 8 – 100mm rigid insulation is fitted in between the roof rafters ensuring ventilation space above to allow the roof to breath. The insulation not only has excellent thermal and acoustic properties but it also provides rigidity within the roof.
IMG 2661 1 2 scaledStep 9 – Once fully insulated we fix 2 x 1 tantalised roofing batten internally at 400mm centres which ties each roofing rafter together and back to the house. It also provides us a fixing point for the 12.5mm plasterboard further increasing the roofs strength. Its at this point any first fix electrics are installed prior to boarding.
Step 10 Plasterboaring 1 scaledStep 10 – Your complete roof is then boarded with 12.5mm plasterboard, taped and prepped ready to be plastered.
A box pelmet is installed above the windows that give your conservatory a nice orangery feel to it and it also provides a nice fixing point for your blinds in the future. You’re left clean and tidy and its now ready for you decorate.
Step 11 Internal Finished. scaledStep 11 – Fully finished internal picture showing the shape of the ceiling and the internal led spot lights which are included in every installation.
Step 12 Tiled Roof scaled e1677879089894Step 12 – Moving outside whilst all the internals are being installed your roof is being tiled with the very best Tapco Slate Tile. These tiles are well known for being extremely light weight, they don’t warp, crack or discolour. Tapco come in a range of colours to suit your taste and preference. The most popular being Stone Black and Chestnut Brown. This particular installation is Terracotta Red.

You can now sit back and relax in your new conservatory roof and enjoy comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

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