Solid Reinforced Conservatory Roofs

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Providing you have enough strength and pitch in your existing roof you may qualify for a solid reinforcement. What does this mean? Well during a survey we will access the overall condition of the existing aluminium roof, we check the distance between spars and the overall pitch. Providing we are happy that we can work with the existing structure we can reinforce and strengthen the aluminium and use it as a sub structure. This roof would be combination of both the aluminium and timber roof. This method is not to be compared or confused with a ‘cap over’ which some companies offer. It is essential that all the polycarbonate or glass material is removed so that you can adequately strengthen the spars and reinforce the roof. Now other companies may not offer this solution or may even condemn it with an aim to sell you a their more expensive aluminium replacement option. This roof is lighter and cheaper than a full replacement roof as it uses less material but it is no means inferior and where is can be used we will be sure to let you know so that we can save you money. Here is the step by step process….
Step 1 Reinforcement 1 scaled e1677878431281Step 1. We carry out a full in-depth survey of your existing conservatory and assess your eligibility for a reinforcement option paying particular attention to structural integrity and overall pitch. This particular roof met all the requirements apart from requiring additional spars in the hips as you will see from the photos.
Step 2 Reinforcement 1 scaledStep 2 – All polycarbonate or glass sheets are safely removed and the existing aluminium structure is scrutinised for defects. This roof had a very common problem which is the ridge (very top of the roof) had sagged / dropped by 4 inches. Once all the sheeting material is removed we are able to prop the roof ridge back level to where it should be, using a temporary timber support.
Step 3 Reinforcement 1 scaledStep 3 – A timber subframe is secured laterally alongside each of the exposed rafters increasing its strength and durability. Further rafters, hips or strength is added at this point to adequately deal with the additional weight.
In this particular case 4 additional hips where installed to decrease the span between the hip rafters.
Step 4 Reinforcement 1 scaledStep 4 – OSB sheet material is installed and fixed to each rafter ensuring all joints are taped and sealed. At this point the roof is sealed back to the party wall for additional weather protection before covering with water resistant membrane.
Step 5 Reinforcement 1 scaledStep 5 –The whole roof is then covered with a water resistance roof membrane which brings us to the end of day 1.
No matter the size or shape, all roofs will be left water tight and protected from the elements within the first day of the installation.
Step 6 Reinforcement 1 scaledStep 6 – New upvc maintenance free fascia, soffit and gutter are installed along with your choice of Tapco Slate Tile and Decorative Ridge Tiles. In this case the customer opted for white fascia and soffit, black gutter and stone black tiles to match to the property.
step7 reinforcementStep 7 – At this point we will assess the existing leadwork in order to satisfy our 10 Years Comprehensive Company Warranty and if we are not entirely satisfied we will install rather new straight or stepped lead flashing to terminate the conservatory back to the property.
step8 reinforcetimberStep 8 – As you can see from the inside the rafters are now reinforced and boarded. If you look a little close you will see the overhead fascia vents that are installed on every single roof we fit, this is to ensure that your roof can breath and is adequately ventilated. Not a single roof of ours despite which roofing option you chose will ever suffer from condensation or lack of ventilation. Thats our promise.
Step 9 Reinforcment 1 scaledStep 9 – Superquilt or TLX multi foil insulation is used for its fantastic thermal performance and acoustic properties. This intelligent insulation gives us the same thermal performance as 100mm rigid insulation without loosing any internal space. This insulation allows us to follow the contours of the roof and create a wonderful bright living space.
e01403c5 d6be 4b4b 9480 ff9275f6391bStep 10 – The ceiling is then boarded with 12.5mm Plasterboard, prepped taped and sealed ready to be plastered. At this point we also install a box pelmet above the windows to create a lovely orangery feel to the room.
step11 reinforcementStep 11 – The ceiling is fully plastered, led downlights are installed and the customer has painted this ceiling white.
step12 reinforcementStep 12 – Your conservatory now gets a clean down inside and out by our installers ensuring we leave you clean and tidy.

Reinforcement Roof Completed

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On all our conservatory transformations you can expect the owner of the company to personally sign off the installation on completion to ensure complete satisfaction.

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