Solid Reinforced Conservatory Roofs

Step 1. The conservatory polycarbonate sheets / glass is removed along with any plastic capping and guttering. exposing the aluminium skeleton roof structure.

Step 2 – The roof rafters are assessed and the required timber subframe is fitted along side each aluminium rafter to increase overall strength and durability.

Step 3 – Once the timber subframe has been installed, we begin to cover the entire roof with a breathable roofing membrane which will provide a water proof barrier whilst also allowing your roof to breath.

Step 4 – Another course of tantalised 2×1 roofing batton is fitted the to the roof to tie the complete roof structure together and also to provide a fixing point for your desired taco slate tile.

Step 5 – Velux if required are fitted at this point along with new upvc maintenance free fascia, soffits and decorative ogee gutters inc downspouts. (over head fascia vents and eaves protector system is also installed at this point to prevent membrane from ‘necking’ and the roof from sweating)

Step 6 – Your chosen Tapco Slate tiles are fitted to the roof with all hips flash banded before applying decorative ridge tiles.

Step 7 – If required a new lead flashing is applied to terminate the new roof back to the house wall.

Step 8 – With all the roof now watertight we can focus our efforts on transforming the inside.

Step 9 – We insulate the roof space with Superquilt multi foil insulation ensuring all joints are overlapped and taped using the manufactures recommended foil tape.

Step 10 – The roof is then reinforced again laterally and horizontally to further increase its strength, breathability and to provide a secure fixing point for your plasterboard. First fix electrics are installed, and you will decide (with our guidance) where you would like your lights situated.

Step 11 – Your roof is completely covered with 12.5mm plasterboard and plastered accordingly. If you have opted for a a internal box pelmet or your internal doors removed these also will be plastered and made good at this point.

Step 12 – Your second fix electrics are installed and signed off.

Step 13– All your window handles, door handles within the conservatory will be replaced with new to match the colour of your lights. (White, Gold, Chrome, Brushed Chrome)

Step 15 – Last but not least your entire conservatory will receive a full clean down, inside and out with a strong UPVC cleaner including all glass.

Reinforcement Roof Completed

On all our conservatory transformations you can expect the owner of the company to personally sign off the installation on completion to ensure complete satisfaction.

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