Is your conservatory too hot?

Convert your conservatory into a room you can use all year round


Features & Benefits

Comfortable temperatures all year round

You no longer have to worry about your conservatory being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Our roof solutions are fully tiled and insulated to keep the heat in during winter and prevent overheating during summer.

Energy efficient

Roofs with a low U value have greater thermal properties and retain heat better than a traditional polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof. Our roof solutions have a U Value of approximately 0.42.

Adds value to your property

Much more than a traditional conservatory roof.

Stylish design

Our roofs are fitted with Tapco Slate, a lightweight artificial slate alternative. Tapco offers a vast array of colour selections for a saturating richness, a blended colour for stunning dimension, or a hand-mixed variety of slate colours to present exclusive custom kerb appeal.

Lightweight yet strong

Tapco Slate is half the weight of natural slate.

Tapco Slate is recyclable

The artificial slate is made from recyclable plastic and Dolomite limestone.

Available in a wide range of colours

From traditional slate colours alternative and mixes.

Tapco Slate looks extremely authentic and is completely maintenance free

Tapco slate tile provides you with the aesthetics of a traditional slate roof without any warping, discolouration or cracking. This is underwritten by a lifetime product warranty on the slate and a 20 years product warranty on all white fascias, soffits and gutters supplied.

Quick installation

Depending on your design and size, we expect to be completed within 3-4 days.

10 years comprehensive insurance backed warranty

We provide you with a comprehensive company warranty, as if this wasn’t enough we also provide you with a 10 years insurance certificate. This certificate would underwrite our company warranty in the unlikely event that we are unable to honour your guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.




01. Do I need planning permission for a tiled conservatory roof?

Not in most cases however each conservatory is different. We can inspect this during a survey but it is very unlikely you will need planning permission.

02. Will my conservatory hold the weight of a tiled roof?

Absolutely. Your current roof is structurally sound and is capable of holding extreme weights. However, we reinforce the conservatory by adding a timber sub-frame to increase strength and durability .We install our roof solutions with an artificial slate alternative that is extremely lightweight.

03. Who supplies the quotations?

MY Conservatory Roof Replacement owner John supplies all of our quotations. John will provide the initial visit to your home and will sign the project off at the end of installation, ensuring everything is as you expected and more. This ensures you have no pushy salesmen. Anything discussed will be agreed by john ON SITE – no pressure to sign anything.

04. Will I lose much light?

It’s inevitable that some light will be lost, as we will be removing the glass roof. However, we install 4-6 fire rated downlights in all of our roofs to provide you with more light. If you prefer natural light we can also fit additional velux skylight. You can read more about downlights and skylights on our interior page.

05. Will the roof be warmer than my existing roof?

Absolutely! Your new roof will be significantly warmer – as warm as your living room! Our roof solutions will keep your home the perfect temperature all year round. Traditional conservatories often get too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Our insulation helps to keep the room warm, whilst preventing overheating through the glass during summer. Tiled roofs outperform any alternatives out there.

06. How is the roof insulated?

All of our roofs are insulated using TLX Silver – a multi foil insulation that gives us fantastic thermal properties without reducing the height of your conservatory.

07. Will you remove the glass or tile over it?

Yes! In order to effectivley reinforce the existing roof you MUST remove the polycarbonate or glass sheets before securing a timber subframe alongside each aliminium rafter for additonal support. Companies that ‘cap over’ the existing roof by simply screwing a board ontop of the polycarbonate are only increasing the weight and are not adding any additonal strength. Leaving the polycarbonate in will also cause your roof to swet as it cannot be ventilated.

08. Do you completely remove roof spars and replace with new?

Unlike other replacement roof companies, we do not feel it is necessary to remove your already existing roof spars. In most cases, they are more than adequate and structurally sound to accommodate the new replacement roof. Replacing them is simply a ploy my most companies to get you to spend more money.

09. What tiles do you use?

We use Tapco Slate – an artificial lightweight slate. You can read more about Tapco on our exterior page.

10. How do you increase the structure of our existing roof?

We reinforce the roof with timber batons along each rafter. This provides us a secure fixing point for our tiles whilst increasing the structure of the overall roof.

11. Why is it important to ventilate the roof?

Due to the fantastic thermal properties of TLX silver, and the heat that it will retain, without sufficient ventilation your roof would sweat.

12. What sort of downlights do you fit in the roof?

Due to the significant guarantees that we provide, we only fit the best quality downlights on the market. Once they are fitted you can forget about them and enjoy your conservatory. 

13. Why should I choose MY Conservatory Roof Replacement Roof Solutions?

Aside from the quality of our roofs, we are unique in that we don’t use any high-pressure sales techniques, salesmen or gimmicks. We prefer that you speak to MY Conservatory Roof Replacement owner John directly. For free advice, survey or design visit call John on 07731001739. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, proved by our 5 star independent ratings and numerous TV appearances.

14. What do I get for my money?

A complete new thermally efficient conservatory roof, which is usable all year round. You also get polite, courteous, employed fitters in company uniform undertaking the work, a thorough clean down with strong upvc cleaner afterwards, new fascia’s, soffits & gutters, and finally a professional and personal service from a 5 star rated business.

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