Slate Tiled Conservatory Roof

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All of our tiled conservatory roofs are fitted using Tapco Slate.

For centuries, slate roofing has been desired for its durability and beauty. With authentic surfaces and edges, TapcoSlate highlights the handsome character of slate, at the same time enhancing roof performance through innovative design. Unlike natural slate, TapcoSlate won’t break or delaminate and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

BBA Certified TapcoSlate gives you the power to evoke both historical elegance and outstanding modern-day style. Our slates are created with moulds cast from real slate to capture genuine peaks, plateaux and curves. Colour-through design and UV stabilisation ensure “stay-true” richness for traditional colours such as Pewter Grey and Plum, bold tones like Brick Red and unique selections such as Emerald Green and Grey/Black blended tiles.

TapcoSlate Mixes are another feature of our unique colour choices, they deliver uncommon elegance through boldly-appealing multiple colours to turn your roof into a work of art.

Key features & benefits –

  • Made from recyclable plastic and Dolomite limestone, TapcoSlate has the random texture and edges of natural slate.
  • Looks extremely authentic
  • TapcoSlate is lightweight, from only 12 kgs/sq. metre, and easy to .
  • Strong, cost effective, recyclable and attractive.
  • No breakage, wastage, drilling or sorting required.
  • Available in a range of attractive colours and blends.
  • Excellent weathering characteristics; they will not curl, lift or delaminate, and are impermeable to water.
  • BBA Certified.
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Product doesn’t crack or split, particularly when cutting for hips, valleys, etc.
  • Quicker to lay than natural slate.

A Rich Palette

TapcoSlate offers a vast array of rich colour selections, encompassing both time-tested hues and new, vibrant ideas.
The versatility of TapcoSlate offers a choice of a single colour for a saturating richness, a blended colour for stunning dimension, or a hand-mixed variety of slate colours to present exclusive custom kerb appeal.

Traditional UK Slate Colours

“With uncommon, dynamic style, TapcoSlate Mixes feature a variety of beautifully balanced colour to turn a roof into a work of art.”

Technical Information

  • CONSTRUCTION: Manufactured from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene.
  • SIZE (SLATE): 17.5″ x 11.6″ (445mm x 295mm)
  • WEIGHT (SLATE): Nominal 0.7 kgs.
  • SIZE (RIDGECAP): 5.9″ x 17.5″ (150mm x 445mm)
  • WEIGHT (RIDGECAP): Nominal 0.7 kgs.
  • RIDGE: 5.5 per linear metre
  • HIP: 5.5 to 6.5 per linear metre (depending on gauge)
  • PACKAGING: Pallet:1600 slates (1.04 tonnes) Bundle: 25 slates (16.25kg)
  • BATTEN SIZE: 2″ (50mm) by 1″ (25mm) treated battens (minimum).
  • FIXING: Large-headed galvanised 1.2″ (30mm) by 0.1″ (2.5mm) steel nails (using hammer or nail-gun). Aluminium or copper nails may also be used, but driving them through the slate may cause bending. Longer 3″ (76mm) nail required for fixing ridges and hips.
  • CUTTING: Fine-toothed handsaw, jigsaw, circular saw, or sharp utility blade.
  • STORAGE/TEMPERATURE: TapcoSlates must be conditioned at a temperature no lower than 7°C for twenty-four (24) hours prior to use. TapcoSlate may be installed at temperatures as low as 0°C but must be hand fastened, Tapco recommends fastening via a pneumatic gun should be made in temperatures above 7°C.

Ratings and Certification

  • FIRE RATING: BS476 Part 3, Boarded Roof SAA, Battened Roof SAC.
  • HAIL RATING: Class IV.
  • WIND-DRIVEN RAIN/WIND UPLIFT: Miami Dade TAS-100 (110 mph wind-driven rain) No water infiltration through sheathing. No slate cracked, split or lifted.
  • ICC: ESR-2745.
  • ACCELERATED ULTRA VIOLET EXPOSURE: Slate exhibited virtually no fade and with no trace of cracking or splitting.
  • FREEZE-THAW CYCLE: No signs of damage or cracking after 300 cycles.
  • WATER ABSORPTION: No appreciable weight gain.
  • WATER PERMEATION: Slate shown to be impermeable.
  • TEMPERATURE CYCLING: No signs of cracking, curling, deformation, or visible expansion.
  • WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime+.
bbaFor more details on British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certification, visit:

Fascia, Soffit & Gutters.

My Conservatory Roof Replacement Ltd’ only use the highest quality materials available that’s why all of roofs which ever design you decide on will be fitted with new Fascia, Soffits, gutters and downspouts from Eurocell, complete with a 10 Years comprehensive company warranty.


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