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‘’My Conservatory Roof Replacement Ltd is an established conservatory roof replacement specialist, a popular choice with the public due to their excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction’’

When asking business owner John Jones what it is that sets his company apart from the competition he replied….

‘’We have never compromised on the quality or service provided to our customers. We believe in keeping our customers happy by providing them with a high quality roof replacement at a very competitive price. We have installed hundreds of roofs right throughout the UK and I believe our small but dedicated team is well equipped and experienced to take on any transformation no matter how big or small.’’

‘’Im glad customers have become wise to the poor sales tactics other companies impose on them, with the usual high inflated starting price, then to be told they can knock thousands off the price if they sign today. Or the ‘’I will just ring my boss and see if we can do it any cheaper if you sign now’’
The salesman not taking no for an answer, where they sit in your home for hours, suited and booted, brief case in hand trying their best to persuade you to take finance.
I absolutely despise it, I find the whole typical double glazing sales tactics utterly disgraceful and unfairly intimidating.’’

‘’Here at My Conservatory Roof Replacement Ltd we don’t us ANY SALESMAN, why!? Because any salesmen trying to sell you a conservatory roof is working on a % commission which means he or she is financially incentivised to sell the job at the highest possible price. Customers best interests are not at the forefront of the salesman mind, believe me, I have worked for the best (allegedly) and the biggest home Improvement companies in the UK for over 15 years and overall (I talk from personally experience) I have found them (in the majority) to be professional liars who will say anything to get the job. Im sure there will be many stories of ‘good salesman’ out there but I’m talking about the majority that I have experienced during my personal and professional career. We have a simple system that works at here which is, you fill in a form on the website, you can rather choose to get a Quick Quote or you can book a Free Onsite Survey. The form is submitted and the office will get back to the customer usually within 24 hours (most of the time its within an hour) From there a mutual convenient time is arranged for myself (the business owner) to attend the property and carry out a site survey. Thats right!! we believe our customers deserve to talk directly to the business owner for complete peace of mind. No Automated Phone Service, No Salesman, No Briefcase, No suits, No Hard Sell and No Pressure to sign there and then.’’

‘’You will receive advice on the best roof type that best suits your property and budget, a quotation will be given verbally and then later confirmed formally via email. They wont be 2, 3, 4 or even 5 prices submitted, we give our BEST price first time, we think you will be pleasantly surprised. Installation normally takes approximately 3-4 days depending on the size of the roof and on completion you can expect the business owner again to personally inspect the work prior to requesting payment.’’

Due to this simple but highly effective business ethos with a un rivalled commitment to customer service, its no wonder John has caught the eye of the media.

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My Conservatory Roof Replacement Ltd have gone from strength to strength featuring on some of our favourite TV programmes whilst continuing to dominate the conservatory roof replacement market.

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